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Mouthguards and Night Guards at Keilor East Dental Smiles

At Keilor East Dental Smiles, we understand the importance of protecting your teeth whether you’re on the field or asleep. Our custom-fitted mouthguards and night guards are designed to safeguard your oral health and enhance your athletic performance and sleep quality.

Custom Mouthguards for Sports

two girls holding a rugby ballParticipating in contact sports without a mouthguard can put you at risk of dental injuries. We offer tailor-made mouthguards that are balanced with your bite, ensuring that if there is an impact to the lower jaw, the force is evenly distributed, which can help prevent serious injuries and concussions.

Customisation Options

During your consultation, we will determine the type and thickness of the mouthguard needed based on the level of contact in your sport. Our mouthguards can also be internally reinforced for additional protection.

Night Guards for Bruxism

Nocturnal bruxism, or night grinding, is often a response to stress and can vary from mild to severe. Symptoms may include headaches, disrupted sleep, and muscle stiffness. On examination, signs such as flattened, worn, cracked, or chipped teeth can indicate the need for a night guard.

The Benefits of Night Splints

A night splint is designed to limit muscle activity in the jaw during sleep, reducing stress on the jaw joint and preventing further tooth damage. These splints are customised to meet individual needs and can significantly alleviate discomfort and protect your teeth over the long term.

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Whether you need protection during sports or relief from night grinding, Keilor East Dental Smiles has the expertise to fit you with the right mouthguard or night guard. Our team is here to ensure that you receive the best possible protection tailored to your lifestyle.


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